Kevin Wilson

Entrepreneur, Business Speaker

We are glad to introduce you the most successful Entrepreneur and Business Speaker!

International entrepreneur Kevin Wilson has experienced a meteoric rise in business leadership. As a keynote speaker, writer and columnist, Kevin positions himself as a catalyst for ideas and change with a focus on unleashing human potential, connecting people through networks, and inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Wilson’s Financial Times Guide 'Leadership - How to Lead Effectively and Get Results' (2013) adds useful weight to the shelves of those looking to improve their leadership skills; highly praised for its transparency, the volume delivers practical steps that can be learned and combined with drive to create strong leaders who are motivated to make a difference.


Very interesting and exciting place to share ideas with other members and see what other companies are doing as well as how they adapt to modern market conditions. The conference also has many useful workshops.

It has been an eye-opener about what business forecasting and demand planning mean for better performance of our company. I also had a great time communicating with my colleagues from other companies.

Very enlightening. Coming from a financial background, here I received an excellent overview of what supply-chain management is and how important it is. Now I can make an impact in my own organization.